Coloris – Colourways

Each of my colourways is inspired my nostalgia. An overwhelming memory that has shaped my development, a whisper of a recollection that leaves me with just a vague impression of a feeling I once had. A song that recalls a place, a scent that recalls a time.

Here are my main repeatable colourways in circulation for Spring and Summer 2020.


Affection // Sometimes we talk all night long, we don’t shut up – And when it’s late we’ll say we’re still wide awake so – We love to talk about how you’ll come up to visit me – And we’ll rent a car and we’ll drive upstate.


Amble // Frosty morning walks, crunching through grass, looking up through stark branches and the last remaining autumn leaves that stand out skeletal against a crisp sky.


Broken Telephone // A deep friendship, the kind you thought would last forever, but it waned over the years. There was no single breaking point, but you do not know this person anymore.


Copper Beech // Shady walks under majestic trees, daydreaming yourself into gentility, twirling in imaginary ruffles and flounces, sipping a cup of tea, living the dainty life.


Dearheart // Bedtime stories of fantasy lands, the covers tucked up to your chin, falling asleep to greet your friends in dreams.


Frideswide // Many hundreds of years ago, a young woman called Frideswide refused a nobleman’s unwelcome advances. He chased her through the spires of Oxford to the forests beyond the city wall. As she ran she prayed to God to save her, and the nobleman was blinded by thorns. Upon seeing this, Frideswide felt sorry for the man and bathed his eyes in an enchanted well, and he could see again.


Murmuration // Skies full of birds wheeling and carousing, as you fly along ancient cobbled streets on an old bicycle, leaning into the corner to mirror the flight of the swallows that nest is the roof of the old museum, adding to its many treasures. 


Oracle Bone // A feeling as if you dreamt this scene a long time ago, an ancient world, a river bank, a hunt, a fire, stories and more stories to paint across the walls of your home.


Pleiades // As a child my father would take me to the field at the end of our road on winter nights, to gaze through the telescope into the infinite depths of space. I treasure the keen wonder he instilled in me for the cosmos – a wonder both scientific and spiritual.


Secondhand Happiness // Streets lined with brick houses, running along rough pavements in bare feet to pick up bread at the bakery, hopscotching along the paving stones, tugging on your mum’s hand as she chats too long with neighbours.


Secret Bridges // Rambling pathways, crumbling wooden planks set haphazardly across struggling streams, mud clinging to your boots, catching leaves out of the air, a pint of cider and a crackling fire at the end of the path.


Shipping Forecast // Forth – West or southwest, backing south, 4 to 6. Slight or moderate. Mainly fair. Moderate or good. Tyne – West or southwest, backing south, 4 to 6. Slight or moderate. Mainly fair. Moderate or good. Dogger – West or southwest, backing south, 4 to 6. Slight or moderate. Mainly fair. Moderate or good.

state that i am in2

The State that I am in // State of indecision, state of evolution, state of stasis, state of movement, state of comfort, state of confidence, state of love, state of grace.


Vindolanda // An ancient Roman ruin, huddles on a hill slope in Northumberland. The aura of the place – its lost purpose, the import it used to hold now reduced to rubble – the intimacy of history and the impermanence of everything.