Humble Knit in conversation with Teran Community

At the beginning of September I had the honour of chatting with Master’s Fashion Communications graduate Alannah for her then-fledgling project Teran Community. We spoke about my own Master’s project in Knitwear Design, exploring how nostalgia and family histories of making can inform design to give greater meaning to and investment in clothing and identity.



(I still can’t really effectively synthesise that project, I feel it barely got started in the three months of my actual Master’s thesis work, but I keep thinking and thinking about it and probably will do for the rest of my life…)

Anyway, what came out of our collaboration is this excellent video, structured around some questions submitted by friends through Instagram, which were all incredibly thought-provoking and insightful and helped me enormously in structuring my thoughts around some topics that were still fairly nebulous to me at the time. Here is the video, and I will be following this with a number of lengthier blog posts writing up my initial thoughts on the questions and exploring them more deeply than I was able to in this unrehearsed conversation!

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